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Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach, Mentor

Ian Selbie has been delivering high performance sales services internationally for over 25 years.

He has delivered his proven sales methodology to over 17,000 sales professionals around the globe. His client list ranges from well known multi-nationals to smaller more regional companies. Ian’s clients have witnessed a number of sustainable benefits from his services which include; increased forecasting accuracy, increased customer loyalty, less sales turnover more effective hiring and of course increased margins and revenues.


Prior to launching his own businesses Ian held sales and leadership roles with Apple Computer from 1984 to 1994. In 1990 Apple recognized Ian as their Top Sales Person in the World for his success in Large Accounts in Western Canada.

Ian has also authored a number of books and guides including: “If You Were Arrested For Selling, Would There Be Enough Evidence To Convict You?” Please see Books & Guides menu item above.

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Books & Guides

The New Era Of Convergence Selling


Will the internet cause the extinction of professional salespeople in B2B selling environments? Not for those who are brave enough to embrace this evolution!


The 7 Deadly Sins in Selling          


In this free guide The Seven Deadly Sins in Selling explains the pitfalls to watch out for that inhibit you from maximizing your sales and revenue.


Priorities For Sales Professionals
Includes mp3 Audiobook



A guide that explains how successful salespeople manage their time by managing their priorities. Spend less time working on the wrong deals and more of your valuable time working on the right ones.


ABQ - Always Be Qualifying     
Includes mp3 Audiobook



A guide that provides the truth about what makes the top salespeople the best. The key to sustained success in sales is learning to become very diligent at qualifying. It has little to do with closing, ever!


The Attitude Of A Sales Champion
Includes mp3 Audiobook



A guide that describes the critical aspect a positive attitude plays in the role of today's professional salesperson. This guide also includes strategies on how to keep a positive attitude in a sustainable manner.



Sales Career Accelerator Guide
Includes mp3 Audiobook



A guide that compares the differences between the role of a salesperson versus the role of a sales manager. This guide also provides insights and tools that can manage a successful transition should career growth into a leadership role be desired.


If You Were Arrested For Selling, Would There Be Enough Evidence To Convict You?
Includes mp3 Audiobook



Ian Selbie, Apples' Top Salesperson (worldwide), Reveals His High Performance Sales System That Helps YOU Achieve New Levels Of Success! Included in the eBook: The Model of Sales Effectiveness; The Value Proposition; The Sales Process; Consultative Skills for Success; Sales Tools; Sales Management.



Why is it the same repetitive mistakes continue to rob salespeople of more commission cheques? Ian Selbie achieved the accolade of top salesperson in the world at Apple and in this Podcast he will discuss how he overcame the problems encountered during his sales career and gives the benefit of his wisdom to everyone listening who work in the world of sales, helping you reach new levels of sales success. Less sins, more wins.

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This is a four phased consulting engagement. We are assessing the following aspects of your business; value proposition, sales process, sales skills, sales tools and sales leadership effectiveness. The first step is an executive workshop with your leadership team, the second step are internal sales & leadership interviews, the third and most interesting step are a series of brief interviews with your customers, step four the creation of a findings report complete with Observations and Recommendations on what changes are needed to create a well-oiled selling machine.


This is a consulting engagement that assists with planning, recruiting, interviewing, scoring and the hiring of ideal sales and leadership candidates.

Sales Training

Delivered in-person and also available via online course at Mastermind.com

Ian’s has facilitated his world-class proven two day consultative sales training program to over 17,000 sales professionals around the globe.

This uniquely interactive program provides a high performance sales methodology with easy to use strategies, tactics and tools. All training materials are provided.

The two programs cover the following topics tailored to the specifics of your business:

Day 1:
Opportunity Pipeline
Value Creating in the C-Suite

Day 2:
Opportunity Management
- Profile - Analysis - Strategy
Activity Management
Proactive Account Management
Sales Apprentice - The Game

Sales Coaching

Delivered in-person and also available via online course at Mastermind.com plus personal 1-1 via Zoom video.

The key to ensuring ROI on your training investment is follow up coaching. Without coaching sustainability is extremely limited. Behavioural change in adults takes at least 100 days to accomplish.

Ian facilitates follow up coaching services providing the sales force with reinforcement while ensuring accountability utilizing the processes and tools introduced during the training program.

These include; pipeline management, activity management and significant deal strategy. Ian can also provide management with sales leadership planning and overall revenue and margin growth strategies.

Video Trailer: Online Training and Coaching Programs

Online Video Sales Training

Available to purchase now at Mastermind.com - $195

Ian Selbie, formerly Apples' Top Salesperson (worldwide), provides EVERYTHING you need to know to fully implement a comprehensive sales strategy based on his educational framework delivered to over 17,000 individuals & companies around the world.

Online Video Sales Coaching

Available to purchase now at Mastermind.com - $95

The objective of the four week follow up Sales Coaching Program is to help the sales person to turn the concepts, processes and tools introduced in the SalesMentor Training program into actionable behaviours.

Mastermind.com Online Video Training and Coaching

In these days of social distancing, online video training is the perfect solution. All of Ian's Training and Coaching is available for purchase now at Mastermind.com


Online Video Training and Coaching Features

Easy to access anytime

The online video courses are available 24hr per day at your convienence enabling you to learn when the time suits you from the comfort of your own home.

Study at your own pace

No need to feel pressurised in a classroom environment. Rewind and study and learn each module to fully understand the methods taught.

Cross platform learning

Both the Training and Coaching courses can be viewed on multiple devices whether PC, phone or tablet. Learn at any time in any place.

Reduced cost

Maximize your time and budget by purchasing the online versions of the training and coaching courses and save money.

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